So the same day that Jeff Bezos took his long-touted joy ride into space, much of the state of Oregon was burning. You might have missed that, given the breathless coverage of Bezos’s blasting off.

The Oregon fire should have topped Bezos in the news. Because it matters a whole hell of lot to those of us still trying to live on earth. That fire is so big that it’s spawned its own weather systems, along with fire tornados — yes, you read that right — fire tornados — that are 20+ miles long. And yet, the Oregon fire took…

I’m always happy to lean on the wisdom of those I love and respect. Even if I learn only one thing, that one thing can be transformative, it can totally reshape or reframe how I think about something in my personal world, or in the wider world.

I can think of a few things that have become — or surely will become — bedrock notions of how I look at the world. And more important, of how I want to behave in it. The first is something my husband shared with me a few years ago, viz, you never know…

The Upside of Boredom?

I learned recently that the poet Joseph Brodsky gave a commencement speech some years ago at Dartmouth College entitled, In Praise of Boredom. That got me thinking about what, if anything, there actually is to praise about boredom. It also got me thinking about something I think people are hesitant to raise in the midst of a deadly pandemic, viz., the role of boredom — or perhaps more accurately, monotony — in our lives this past year, and into the current one.

Boredom conjures images of lethargy, of people sitting around staring off into space, not…

12:05 a.m. That’s when everything changed. Or maybe nothing really did, as I’d been anticipating this moment for quite some time. I couldn’t have predicted when exactly it would come, but I knew it would. That explained why my phone remained by my bedside, kept on. Just in case.

It’s a strange thing, to anticipate some monumentally finite thing, yet miss the actual moment. But in the anticipation, I think, the end can already be found. That’s how it was for me, this time. And the time before that. I knew the end was coming, even if I didn’t know…

Nina Mogilnik

Thinker, Writer, Advocate, Mom of Kids with special needs, Dog Lover, Wife, Partner, Orphan

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